Weather for Saturday, April 13, 2024

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oh Saturday, April 13, will be marked by another rise in the weather maximum temperature, making it the hottest day of 2024 so far – the maximum value expected to be reached and the average for the entire country.

oh The heat should be felt from the coast to the interior, with the Tagus Valley region expected to be the warmest, with maximum values ​​of 32-33ºC.

This is the highest value for the month of April, which is possible thanks to The persistence of a warm air mass, which also spreads to Madeira, brings dust, as well as strong winds, to the Azores.

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This is due to a A counter-cyclone centered over Central Europe, and an isolated depression over North Africa, will continue to bring heavy rains with the possibility of severe flooding in Tunisia and Algeria.

In the Azores it will be another day with some rain but very rarely, the sun will shine most of the day – But due to the arrival of dust, the sky appears yellow

NMadeira expects dry weather, again, with some clouds and high temperatures

We can see precisely in the MetOffice analysis letter This blocking anticyclone and depression over North Africa – together creating conditions for dust from southern Europe to the Azores, as well as warmth across southern and southeastern Europe – detailed forecast below!

Weather forecast for Saturday on the continent

Summary: Few clouds (locally morning mists\not too noticeable at valley points and some high clouds). Warm weather, with highs rising once again, the hottest afternoon of the year so far. Little wind, very dry weather!

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  • Generally the sky is not very cloudy or clear, morning fogs are possible in some valley areas, not very significant and sometimes and locally overcast, with clear skies in the middle hours of the day!
  • By sea It cannot be ruled out that low clouds may appear on the northern coast
  • Very dry weather
  • Suspended dust (low concentration) over south of country from afternoon.
  • Plenty of sun, one afternoon it gets really hot and already reminds me of summer!
  • to Minimum temperatures are expected to rise by 1 to 2ºC, and maximum temperatures are expected to rise in the same way – the hottest weather for this time of year.
  • So it will be a day with temperature values Maximum values ​​will be around 25 to 30ºC in most areas, with lower values ​​appearing in the northern and central interior, where values ​​of 24 to 27ºC can generally be expected – we may have higher in traditionally warmer areas. Temperature, up to 31 \33ºC
  • Downs will be around 15 to 18ºC in most areas, to be expected Lower values ​​in the northern interior (11-15ºC), and the coast and Algarve (18-22ºC) (tropical night possible locally!)
  • We predict Generally weak winds, 5 to 15 km/h, becoming slightly stronger in the Algarve, south coast, exposed areas to the east (up to 40 km/h).
  • A The sea water temperature is around 15ºC on the north west coast and 15-16ºC in other parts of the west coast.
  • At The Algarve sea temperature is around 17ºC
  • with the sea Waves of 1 to 2 meters along the west coast
  • Alagarkoil on the south coast We will keep Even waves of 1 to 2 m
  • Ultraviolet radiation: 7\8 (Very much High)
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We leave this prediction to interpretation Temperature forecast using ARPEGE model – Hottest day with June temperature!

Note that the forecast may be different and this only serves to provide an indication from the numerical forecast models

Temperatures in Portugal on Saturday

Saturday weather forecast in the Azores

Summary: This Saturday, In the Azores, we predict Occasional and localized rainfall, which can occur on all islands. Cloudy skies, but with lots of open skies. Moderate climate. Suspended dust. Strong winds from the northeast

  • Periods of overcast skies, but many clear skies on all islands, especially in the afternoon
  • Early morning and early morning rain, localized and scattered, but moderate at times, gradually decreasing from late afternoon onwards.
  • Dust in suspension from afternoon
  • The temperature will maintain the same values ​​as the previous day, approx
  • wind Generally moderate to strongWinds from northeast, 25 to 40 km/h, sometimes 65 km/h over all islands
  • We predict temperatures between 14 to 15ºC (minimum), This 16 to 19ºC (max), mild day with high humidity
  • Waves usually up to 2\3m
  • Sea water temperature is around 21ºC
  • Ultraviolet radiation: 3-5 (Moderate to high)

To this day we can see, Precipitation forecasted by the ECMWF model (hour-by-hour animation)

Saturday Rainfall Forecast – Azores

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Weather for Saturday, April 13, 2024 - Hottest day of the year (so far)

Saturday weather forecast in Madeira

Summary: We expect a very dry day in Madeira this Saturday, Practically cloudless and very sunny, precipitation is not expected, some wind – very hot weather

  • Skies will generally be partly cloudy or clear, with few medium/high clouds without much emphasis
  • Suspended dust leaves the sky somewhat yellow, but less intense
  • wind Generally weak to moderate, with gusts of 15 to 35 km/h from the northeast, with gusts of 40 to 50 km/h in the extreme east of Madeira Island and in mountainous areas.
  • Temperatures like the previous day are very warm for this time of year
  • We expect a maximum temperature of 30ºC and a minimum temperature of 17 to 20ºC
  • Ultraviolet radiation: 7\8 (very high)
  • with the sea Waves up to 2-3m overall
  • Sea water is about 21ºC temperature
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A day with practically no clouds in the sky, lots of sun, and no rain included. with expected rotation The following days are likely to be very dry and hot with some dusty conditions. Keep following our daily forecasts here

In the chart below, using the GFS model, the pressure and tectonic anomaly forecast – presence A continuation of a strong anticyclone is evident, providing dry and warm easterly winds through this day and into the next few days!

Weather for Saturday, April 13, 2024 - Hottest day of the year (so far)

Next days

We're counting on a continuation of this spring weather with finally a little longer sunshine – reminiscent of summer.

However, it should be noted that the more days pass in the forecast, the more uncertain it becomes. As of now only hot and dry weather can be assured till April 16/17

Temperatures are expected to rise in the coming days If the eastward flow is maintained – and it will be warmer inland and on the coast – it may reach exceptional values ​​for April on the coasts, and it may resemble 2023 – that is, April with several days of beach, after a shaky start!

Ensemble methods of modeling programs Warmer and drier weather than average between April 10 and 20, although this should ease slightly towards the end of the period.

This is the current trend, no major changes are expected in the forecast until that day and it is necessary to evaluate the forecast for the last days of April – let's see the evolution, it will not be a great April, but as already mentioned there may be a chance of thunderstorms.

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April is slightly changeable, but with more anticyclonic influence, read the full forecast for April here

A In the south, fortunately, the rains have continued – helping to alleviate the drought situation a bit more – and the predicted southwesterly flow, as the anticyclone gains some strength, will now be dry for several days \ weeks – despite the water reinforcement, the drought persists, and continued water storage is necessary, 2 or 3 days. We cannot think that rain will solve everything.

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As already mentioned Closer to the 20th, or a bit earlier, some instability may arrive – you can read the forecast here

In the Azores, an anticyclone will allow for 2/3 days of dry weather over the weekend and into the beginning of the week. However, the arrival of a destabilizing depression over the continent will further add to the instability next week (from 15th) with rain and thundershowers.

Flows may now prevail from the east Strong winds, and temperatures should rise

expected Dust in the Archipelago for at least 2/3 days from the weekend of April 13/14!

The sea may be somewhat calm!

At Madeira is expecting mild and very dry weather over the next few days, with some warm days, and a return of northerly winds again on April 16-18.

It is possible The weather is very dry throughout April – to be confirmed – because the anticyclone should now be impacting the archipelago. There is no certainty in the predicted scenario, and it depends on the evolution of some isolated depressions, but it seems the most likely scenario.

The temperature should generally be within the average range – Being that As of now, no significant bad weather is expected in the archipelago

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April weather

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