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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky acknowledged on Saturday night that Ukraine was preparing to leave Mariupol, saying the country was trying to remove all troops from the Azovstal factory, the last center of armed resistance to the Russian invasion of the city.

In his daily message, Zhelensky confirmed that all civilians had been evacuated from Azovstal and that the evacuation of wounded soldiers and paramedics was now being prepared: “More than 300 have been rescued, including women and children. We have evicted almost every citizen from Azovstale. We are now preparing for the second phase of the evacuation process: the wounded and the doctors, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The president then said that Ukraine was preparing to withdraw all its troops from the industrial complex. “We are working for the withdrawal of our army and for all the heroes who will defend Mariupol. Of course, it is very difficult, but it is important.

In recent days, the factory premises have been the target of intense bombings. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian president used the message to reaffirm his commitment to a “diplomatic solution” to the Mariupol issue, and promised to continue working to build new humanitarian corridors. Pattern by ceasefire violations by Russian forces.

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This Thursday, Capt. Sviadoslav Palmer, Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment, Described the atmosphere in that part of the Ukrainian territory Russia continues to oppose the attack.

The third day the enemy invaded within the borders of Azovstalin. A fierce and bloody war is taking place. Defenders of the city [Mariupol] They have fought alone for 71 days with large forces of the enemy and have shown so much resistance and bravery that the country knows what it means to be loyal to the motherland, ”Palamer stressed.

In a video message released this Saturday, Zhelensky used the message of May 9 to mark Victory Day, which marks the defeat of Nazi Germany in Moscow with a regular military parade.

The actions of the Russian occupiers [nesta data] They must remind every state and nation that evil cannot be defeated once and for all. Unfortunately, evil returns when people disrespect the rights of others, ignore the law, and destroy culture. This is what happened to the Russian government. “

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