War in Ukraine: The Kremlin acknowledges “significant military losses” and speaks of “enormous tragedy.”

Russia conceded “significant military losses” on Thursday. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave a live interview to the British television channel Sky NewsHe described the loss of Russian troops as “a great tragedy” for Moscow.

Dmitry Peskov reiterated that the images of the Pucha massacre were fake and that they were staged..

Kremlin spokesman Confirmed that Russian troops had not committed war crimes And the Ukrainians use civilians as human shields.

Michael Svetlov / Getty Images

Peskov added Vladimir Putin is not worried about being investigated internationallyBecause Russia does not recognize the International Criminal Court.

According to NATO, a spokesman for the Kremlin “Collision engine“This is aimed at confronting Russia. He also argues that the accession of Finland and Sweden to the Atlantic Alliance is a threat to the country.

Dmitry Peskov promised that the city Mariupol should be freed from the nationalist battalions Who expects that to happen soon.

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