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Joe Biden’s main fear at this point is that, as the US president himself has acknowledged, Vladimir Putin does not have an exit strategy to end the war in Ukraine. “I’m trying to understand what we’re doing for it.”The US President said in a statement Washington D.C. on Monday..

Describing Putin as a “very calculating man”, Biden said the Russian president had expected in his administration’s reading that occupying Ukraine would lead to the downfall of NATO and the EU. Biden argued that, in fact, the Russian military initiative had led to the strengthening of NATO – at least for now.

If Putin’s strategy fails, it is important for the Russian president to have a way out of the military conflict, as Biden has described.

The US President signed the updated version of the Debt-Lease Act this Monday. This law was first implemented by the United States during World War II (but before it entered the conflict) and allowed the United States to lend goods and weapons to the Allies.

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Now, the new edition will help deliver war materials to Ukraine, said Joe Biden: “Every day, Ukrainians are fighting for their lives. The price of fighting is not cheap, but surrendering to aggression is still expensive.

Volodymyr Zhelensky took to Twitter to thank Joe Biden for his support of Ukraine’s struggle for independence and the future.

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