Volodymyr Zelensky criticizes Germany and France, saying “there are cities that are only dots on the map” – Observer

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“They are kidnapping the mayors of our cities. Killed some of them. This is one of the condemnations made by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky in an interview. To the British newspaper The Economist, Released this Sunday, where he acknowledges that he must abandon harsh criticism from the international community and achieve some “commitment” in terms of territory to “save lives”. “There are small towns destroyed, no people or houses, all that remains is the name,” says the Ukrainian president. “There are cities that are only points on the map”.

Zelensky used the interview to condemn the performance of Russian military forces Procedure About the mayors with actions taken “in the same way” and “in the same way” in Donbass in 2014, when the conflict in eastern Ukraine began.

The Ukrainian president wanted to underline his view of the Russian regime’s inhumane act in this war against its own citizens: “he throws Russian soldiers into the reactor of a train like logs,” Vladimir Putin said. He described living in A Bunkers Mental “more than two decades”.

Not even to bury, the corpses are left on the street. In many cities our soldiers say they can not breathe the smell. It smells like rotten meat. This is a whole nightmare.

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But this interview with one of the most valuable newspapers in the West does not only describe the horrors of war. In it, Zhelensky used the opportunity to criticize many European countries. Zhelensky reiterated his call for more military equipment, such as planes and tanks, and confronted reporters with statements by French President Emmanuel Macron that France would not supply assault weapons. The Ukrainian leader responded that the decision was made “because these countries are afraid of Russia.” “Those who say it in the first place are very scared,” he added.

Zhelensky harsh words against Germany, “the most practical country of all.” “Germans make mistakes these days. I think they often make mistakes. The legacy of German relations with Russia proves this. In particular, he believes that if certain sanctions, such as the cancellation of the Nortstream 2 case pipeline, are applied to Russia, it can prevent the Kremlin from advancing in a preventative manner. “This would have given the Ukrainian military more time to prepare,” Zhelensky said.

Although never openly stated, Zhelensky also opened the door to possible compromises with Ukraine on a peace agreement with Russia. It acknowledged that the victory was “temporary”, although the Ukrainian president had said that the Ukrainians would fight “to the last city” and would never accept decisions that would “lead to the disintegration of the country.” It is possible if they make some “commitments”. “Victory saves as many lives as possible because without it, nothing makes sense. Our land is important, yes, but at the end of the day it is just territory,” he said.

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