Vice President Tina Poluarte invests Peru’s new head of state

Tina Polwart, a former Peruvian vice president, has been sworn in as Peru’s new head of state, after Pedro Castillo was ousted by Congress and accused of attempting a coup by announcing the dissolution of the body.

“I observe [o poder] In accordance with Peru’s constitution, from this moment until July 26, 2026,” Tina Poluarte, the first woman to lead Peru, told parliament.

In his inauguration speech, the 60-year-old left-wing lawyer promised that his duties would include the “defense” of national sovereignty. He guaranteed to “comply with and implement” the constitution and laws of his country.

“Before being a politician, I am a Peruvian citizen and mother, fully aware of the great responsibility that history has placed on my shoulders”, highlighted the new head of state, before insisting that “a conspiracy was attempted” by Castillo. .

Faced with instability, Polwarte called for “a broad dialogue process between all national political forces” and demanded a political fight against corruption.

The solemn act was attended by representatives of the state authority and armed forces and other high officials who hailed the country for declaring respect for constitutional succession.

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets of the Peruvian capital, Lima, after Congress approved the impeachment of Peruvian President Pedro Castillo.

With a heavy police presence, dozens of protesters gathered in front of parliament with Peruvian flags and banners to celebrate Castillo’s fall from power.

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Attempted “coup”.

Pedro Castillo was arrested and is in Lima police headquarters, accused of attempting a coup after being removed by Congress. Peru’s parliament approved a resolution of censure against the country’s president for “moral incapacity” by a vote of 130 to 101, hours after Castillo dissolved the body and announced the creation and mandatory installation of an “emergency government”. Curfew.

Members of its own government, Peruvian government agencies and opposition leaders condemned the attempted “coup” and called for the intervention of the armed forces and the international community.

In reaction to Castillo’s decision, Peru’s ministers of economy, foreign affairs, labor and justice resigned.

Also the Ombudsman [ombudsman]An autonomous government body warned in a statement before the impeachment that Peru was on the path to a constitutional collapse “that can only be called a coup d’état. [de Estado]🇧🇷

Peruvian Ambassador to the United States, Osvaldo de Rivero, UN Representative Manuel Rodríguez Cuadros and Organization of American States (OAS) Ambassador Harold Forsyth also announced their resignations.

Former Peruvian presidents also issued statements condemning Castillo’s attempted “coup”.

Ollanta Humala expressed “absolute rejection” of Castillo’s action, while Martin Vizcarra “absolutely” rejected the “attack on democracy” and Castillo’s predecessor, Francisco Sacasti, asserted that the outgoing president had placed himself “outside the law and the constitution”. ” to escape accusations and “cover up his disability”.

“As a former President of the Republic, I appeal to all citizens, public, private and civil society organizations to stay calm and seek political solutions within the framework of the Constitution,” he advised.

Peru’s Synod of Bishops accused Pedro Castillo of trying to carry out a “coup”, calling for “national unity”, “maintenance of peace” and “an end to any form of violence”.

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The bishops in a statement “absolutely” rejected what they considered a “violation of the constitutional order”.

They asserted that “no one should obey an usurping government or anyone who assumes public functions inconsistent with the constitution and laws.”

Countries such as the United States, Spain, and Colombia protested against Pedro Castillo’s decision, celebrated the impeachment of the parliament, and called for peace among the people.

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