Ursula van der Leyen’s party is the target of a “serious” cyber attack

“Experts from the Federal Department of Security and Information Technology and the National Intelligence Service are “actively involved in the fight against the attack,” a spokesman for the German Interior Ministry said, quoted by AFP.

According to the same source, the nature of the attack reveals that it was carried out by a “very professional” person and investigators are now working to prevent further damage.

German intelligence plans to warn political parties represented in parliament today.

“Our security authorities have strengthened security measures against digital and hybrid threats, the importance of which we see again (…) before the elections”, highlighted the government source.

Before the CDU (Christian Democratic Union), Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic Party SPD and several German institutions were victims of a cyber attack in 2023, according to German investigators, carried out by a Russian group.

At the time, the German ministry said several email accounts belonging to SPD members were affected.

The APT28 group, led by the Russian military intelligence services, has been blamed for dozens of cyber attacks in several countries.

One of the most famous incidents attributed to Russian hackers was a cyber attack in 2015 that crippled the computer network of the German parliament’s lower house (Bundestag), leaving the entire institution offline for several days.

Russia has always denied responsibility for the attacks.

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