Union introduces new show but MLB and MLBPA are still far apart

The MLB Players Association submitted its latest proposal to Major League Baseball on Sunday, with the two sides meeting in New York City for about 90 minutes.

A source said the union reduced its pre-arbitration award claim from $85 million to $80 million, although there was no change in its proposal for a competitive balance tax.

MLB offered a threshold for CBT starting at $220 million, rising to $230 million by the final year of the new CBA. The MLBPA proposal will start with a minimum of $238 million, rising to $263 million by year five.

According to the source, the federation has agreed to implement non-monetary penalties for clubs exceeding the CBT threshold in the event of the qualifying bid scheme being cancelled. MLB offered to eliminate this system in multiple shows, excluding draft pick compensation for free agents.

The MLBPA has also proposed implementing three specific on-field rule changes beginning in 2023 with 45 days’ notice: the stadium clock, a stadium change ban and larger rules. The league is also seeking to add an automated strike zone, although the federation has not yet agreed to this.

As for the draft lottery, the two sides remain separate, with the MLB offering a system for awarding the top five picks and the MLBPA seeking the top six picks.

“Simply put, we are at a dead end. We will try to figure out how to respond but nothing in this proposal makes it easy.”

MLB’s latest offer came Tuesday while the two sides were meeting in Jupiter, Florida, a proposal that included a significant increase in the minimum salary (from $570,500 to $700,000), and a pre-arbitration bonus of $30 million, an element related to anti-terrorism. alleged service. Time manipulation, a limit on the number of times a player can be selected each season and an additional $23 million in amateur spending each year.

Expanded postseason has also been a problem; The league seeks a 14-team field, although the league favors 12. MLB’s most recent showing included different financial standards for both formats.

There are no other meetings between the two sides currently scheduled.

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