Ukrainian prisoners “forced” to join Russian army, Poland condemns secret service – Observer

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Ukrainians detained by Russian forces are being sent “en masse” to a network of prisons and concentration camps, Poland’s secret service said Thursday.

As stated therein Sky NewsThe combat experience of the people in these camps was checked, the agency revealed whether they were employees of the Ukrainian administrations and what position they were taking in Russia.

The Polish service says those who do not object will be deported to Russia and some will be “forced to be recruited” into the Russian army. Then they are sent to fight in Ukraine. Those who do not comply are “forced to testify” against the country or taken to court as part of “propaganda”.

The United States estimates that 75,000 Russian fighters have been killed or wounded since the invasion began on February 24. The number was later released to lawmakers in the Joe Biden administration Explanation Wednesday is confidential.

“We have been told that more than 75,000 Russians have been killed or injured, which is huge,” confirmed MEP Elissa Slotkin. CNN.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has already challenged the number, initially presenting The New York Times. “This is not a statement from the US administration (…) At present, even the most reputable newspapers do not shy away from spreading all kinds of lies,” he alleged.

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On Wednesday, Ukraine’s president had already announced that Russia had failed so far 40,000 soldiers And tens of thousands of Russians were injured or maimed.

Zelensky reveals that Russia has already lost 40,000 military personnel

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