Trump’s enemies discover ‘politics stops at the water’s edge’ to defend Biden from criticism

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Defenders of President Biden He berated his critics for his decision not to answer questions after Tuesday’s comments about the sanctions the White House has imposed against her Russiainvoking the mantra that “politics stops at the water’s edge”, but decency was largely ignored during the previous administration.

“Very strange that the ‘Trump is Putin puppet’ people have rediscovered the importance of ‘politics stopping at the water’s edge’ under Biden, Cavalry co-founder and podcast presenter Michael Duncan.” note.

House Republicans’ Twitter account captioned a picture of Biden turning his back to reporters and walking away without answering questions writing, “This is what vulnerability looks like on the world stage.” The tweet was immediately hit with backlash, including by one of the moderators Requested“Whatever happens,” Politics stop at the water’s edge? “

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Another critic replied“Just add the phrase ‘politics pauses at the water’s edge’ to the list of American principles that have been abandoned to Libyan followers.”

Several other critics berated critics of Biden’s remarks on Tuesday. CNN Cassie Hunt even suggest Republicans were the “enemies” for criticizing Biden because the US was “working to keep alliances strong”.

MSNBC’s Joy Reed agreed with the idea that domestic political beef should not influence foreign policy.

Politics ends at the water’s edge ‘used to be a thing,’ Read Books Reply to the tweet. However, Biden was not abroad, he was in the White House.

This phrase, attributed to Senator Arthur Vandenberg, a Michigan Republican who supported Democratic President Harry Truman in the aftermath of World War II, is being used to rebuke Republicans as the Ukraine-Russia crisis escalates. However, liberals did not exactly stick to this mantra when former President Trump was in office.

Trump’s travel abroad has not slowed his outspoken critics. Washington Times about once Criticism after his July 2018 summit in Helsinki with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which he was mocked for saying he took Putin’s denial of US election interference at face value. Among his fierce critics was the late Senator John McCain, a Republican from Ariz.

A former Obama official called it a “treason.” CNN “analyst” called out toshadow governmentto get it out. An MSNBC contributor said Trump’s performance would “live in disarray” like Pearl Harbor or Kristallnacht. Former FBI Director James B. Comey notes that the Patriots need to stand up and dismiss this president’s behavior, the Washington Times noted, adding that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow took Trump’s criticism even further.

NewsBusters’ managing editor, Curtis Hawke, criticized the hypocrisy of Reed and other liberal critics.

“I am old enough to remember when criticizing a president for his foreign policy decisions was seen as patriotic. And that is quite clearly the tactic many in the press have taken. Sure, we have seen a lot of attempts to blame Trump, but To suggest that it is treasonous or anti-American to state the facts of what is happening is a type of manipulation of the first degree.”

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“The media either played the Biden administration’s expert shorthand in claiming that they would do this or that to make it look like they were decisive, or made him a negative figure in this global crisis,” Hook continued. “In other words, it’s back in Obama’s playbook. Joey Reed is too busy building Everest-sized incisors about education and how conservatives want history education to properly understand foreign policy.”

NBC’s Reed Fellow Jonathan Allen wrote an article in June 2018 by titleWith Trump, politics no longer stops at the water’s edge. Among Trump’s critics of withdrawing from the G-7 statement while in Canada were McCain, then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y.

Allen wrote, “The political class in Washington has always adhered to the principle that politics must end on the brink.”

Former President Trump was regularly criticized for his handling of issues abroad.  (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Former President Trump was regularly criticized for his handling of issues abroad. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
((AP Photo / Alex Brandon))

“But it wasn’t the G7 statement that elicited Trump’s rebuke during his foreign trips. Even before that, he upset the foreign policy establishment by calling for Russia’s readmission into the G7, and he garnered opposition from both parties in Congress over his decision to lift sanctions on Chinese telecom company ZTE. It seems certain that American political battles will follow Trump wherever he goes.


Trump is not the only president who has come under fire from his domestic opponents amid the international crisis.

In 2014, author and Georgetown University professor Robert J. Lieber A . wrote: Washington Post The title of the article, “Politics Stops at the Water’s Edge? Not Lately,” explains that “politics can be late at the water’s edge, but it certainly doesn’t stop for long” in the modern era. Lieber noted that the polarizing Iraq war was a prime example, with Democrats publicly objecting to President George W. Bush, while the Republican response to President Obama’s handling of Syria demonstrated that both sides were involved.

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In short, Lieber wrote, “politics does not stop at the brink.”

David Rutz of Fox News contributed to this report.

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