Trump has admitted to going to jail, but has warned that supporters won’t accept it

Former President Donald Trump has agreed to go to prison or face house arrest after being convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records to cover up his silence buys from Stormy Daniels. But he warns his supporters that the situation will be different, admitting it could be a “breaking point” and raising fears of violence around the November election. Sentencing will be announced on July 11, just days before the Republican convention.

“I’m fine with it,” but “I’m not sure the public will accept it,” Trump said in an interview with the program. Fox and friends, on Fox News, when asked about the possibility of prison time following his historic conviction in a New York court. “I think it’s hard for the public to accept. At a certain point, you know there’s a breaking point,” he added.

The Republican candidate for November’s election said the trial was “extremely difficult” for his wife Melania, whose absence from court was notable. According to the allegations against Trump, a former porn star was paid so he wouldn’t reveal the affair the two of them had – something the former president has always denied. Regardless of the sentence, Trump has already indicated that he will appeal the conviction — the first conviction of a former US head of state.

In an interview DailymailStormy Daniels argued that the former president should be sentenced to prison and some community service, “working for the less fortunate or volunteering as a punching bag at a women’s shelter”.

Trump’s words heighten fears of violence surrounding elections — remember what happened the day of the attack on the Capitol — but for the former president, the conviction is another opportunity to campaign. On Friday, his group said it had raised $50 million in small online donations in 24 hours. The computer system crashed because the donations were so overwhelming, they revealed. The former president should take advantage of this and pursue other legal actions aimed at garnering more support for him.

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Meanwhile, he has launched TikTok, a Chinese-origin social network targeting young voters that he tried to ban while in the White House over national security concerns. TikTok has around 170 million users in the US. The first 13-second video, released on Saturday, shows the former president entering a mixed martial arts event in New Jersey to the tune of Kid Rock. American bad ass.

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