Tricks for choosing the best watermelon in the supermarket

A Watermelon is one of the summer fruits. You will already see it in supermarkets and market stalls. When it comes to choosing, do you know which one is best? In the market, you can ask the seller for help. On a large surface, this task is yours.

Martha Stewart’s Website Talk to Whole Foods Market’s Nick Molles and Chef Ann Giatta to find out how you can take home the best fruit.

First, they say it should be opaque rather than too shiny.

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On the other hand, they explain that you should pay attention to the part of the watermelon that is in contact with the soil. “Because it’s not getting sunlight, this area should be cream or yellow, never white,” says Nick Molles.

If you pick it white, it is a sign that it is ripe and has little flavor. As for the weight, you should always choose something heavier. “A ripe watermelon has a higher water content, so it weighs more,” says Ann Giatta.

As for the sound, “a ripe watermelon sounds hollow and deep when you tap it.”

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