Tom Wilson to miss Game 3 as Grant Poulsen indicates he could miss the rest of the series with a knee injury

This was announced by Washington Capitals coach Peter Laviollette before game three on Saturday Tom Wilson He will miss his second game in a row due to a lower body injury.

When asked if Wilson was available, La Violet She said Simply, “No”.

Regarding the lineup in general, the bench chief added, “We’re working on some things in the room. There are some things we’re working on there.”

Wilson played just over a minute in the Caps-Panthers series due to injury. he is He seemed to get hurt in the first period of the first game after trying to hit a hard hit on MacKenzie and get jealous behind the net..

The 28-year-old winger slowly made his way to the bench and descended into the locker room. He then came back briefly to take a whirl around the ice during the second period TV timeout but ultimately decided he couldn’t come back. He has not practiced since.

106.7 POULSON FAN He said on Friday That “little bird chirping” told him that Wilson had a “very serious” injury. Paulsen has contributed to Athletic and NBC Sports Washington in the past.

“I don’t think he’s ever playing this series again,” Paulsen said. “I heard he’s had a serious knee injury and he’s dealing with it and it’s going to take a while. So I guess we saw him for the last time – definitely in this series, maybe in the playoffs.”

Paulsen added, “That’s what I hear. I don’t go really hard at paint. No reports. I don’t need a bunch of people on citing 106.7 The Fan. What I’m telling you is just a little bird chirp, a little purr, a little thing I heard.” I will not go into details or details.”

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Banner photo: Amanda Bowen/RMNB

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