Third Best Monday During the Pandemic – Deadline

It might have been another crazy Monday as The Bangles would say but that didn’t stop people from going to see Batman Yesterday, even as the first three precincts raised ticket prices considerably.

Among the first two days during the pandemic, it was Matt Reeves The directed movie grossed $11.1 million and ranked first Spider-Man: There is no room for homeFirst Monday of $37.1 million and Disney/Marvel action day of $19.2 million Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Of all Mondays during the pandemic (since mid-March 2020), Batman It ranks fourth as the second Monday of Spider-Man: There is no room for home It ranks second technically with $24.77 million.

Despite all the hype about AMC Boss Adam Aron being transparent about a $1 raise in his circle Batman He wasn’t the first, and he wasn’t the only one who raised ticket prices for an event movie. Regal and Cinemark have also raised prices Batman This past weekend, and these two episodes did it Spider-Man: There’s no room for home. Given the total box office earnings here, it’s hard to argue that moviegoers actually stayed home. The AMC ticket price hike is said to be in effect through Friday.

within four days, Batman $145.1 million. The Dark Knight’s Monday is 67% off Sunday’s $34.1 million. Industry forecasts this coming weekend anticipate an ease of up to 50%. Batman With 67 million dollars. There aren’t any major entrances into the studios this weekend as Disney decided to take on Pixar turns red Off the calendar and sent to Disney +, available for subscribers to watch for free.

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The next major studio won’t be released until March 25 with Sandra Bullock Channing Tatum Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe from Paramount and the romantic and adventure comedy the lost City.

BatmanThe $134 million opening is the second best deal during the pandemic after that Spider-Man: There is no room for homeDating back $260 million in December, it’s the best domestic debut yet of 2022, and the best start ever for director Reeves. all over the world Batman Opened 258 million dollars.

Next in Reeves Batman universe is an HBO Max spin-off series centered around Colin Farrell’s Penguin character. More about Hero Nation here.

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