The woman lives in an apartment building with access to a shopping center – and patrols early in the morning

Rachel Dallas K.Known on the social networking site TikTok, she is a woman who has gone viral with various videos she shares due to the unusual fact that she owns an apartment above a shopping center in Miami, Florida, USA. .

With around 25k followers and over 2.5 million likes on her posts, Rachel Dallas K. Recently he saw his numbers rise when he answered one of the most frequently asked questions by Internet users: “Can I go there at midnight?“.

Curiosity prompted this woman's response, and she replied affirmatively. “I can and it's completely empty“. In the video, Rachel Dallas K. invites her followers to walk around with her.”Shopping center at two in the morning” departs from your residence.

The journey begins from this woman's doorstep. Then enter the elevator to the shopping center. From there, you can see many places without a person in the building, the shop windows and naturally the doors closed.

Despite the time of day, the lights in the shopping center remain off and even the escalators are functional. Since this video was posted on social media on December 22 last year, it is Christmas season and even today we can see various decorations brightening up the whole place early in the morning.

Rachel Dallas K. It didn't take long for the reactions to the release to come in.Honestly, I think I'll become a real 'shopping mall walker' and become an evening activity with friends.“,”It's an introvert's dream! Walking alone in a beautiful shopping center sounds heavenly to me.“.

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I would wake up at 7am when the workers started coming in and say 'good morning' to everyone in pajamas and coffee in hand like the owner of the place.“,”Well, I'm officially jealous of something I've never even considered.“, some comments were left.

Check out the posted video and take a look around this shopping center at two in the morning:

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