The video shows a Wagner Group recruitment ad in a Russian city

oh The Wagner mercenary group continues to recruit in Russia and, as revealed in a video posted on Twitter, the process is entitled to publicity.

The video shows a recruitment advertisement in the city of Tver, as revealed by BBC Monitoring’s Francis Scar, responsible for analyzing Russian state media.

“A Wagner recruitment advertisement at the main post office in the Russian city of Tver,” he wrote.

It should be remembered that the Wagner Group is a private group created by Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigogine, a confidant of President Vladimir Putin, dedicated to fighting conflicts in which Russia is a party of interest.

It is influential in Africa, where it promotes Russian disinformation, builds alliances with governments to gain access to oil, gas, gold, diamonds, and valuable minerals, and has played a key role in Ukraine, particularly in the Bakhmut struggle. In fact, it was the conflict in Ukraine that led Prigozhin to criticize the Russian government, citing a lack of ammunition.

Given the frequent casualties on the front lines in Ukraine, the mercenary group has made several attempts to recruit new fighters, including prisoners. For example, in March, it announced the opening of recruitment centers in 42 Russian cities.

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