The UK and the EU are redefining the Northern Ireland protocol

“I am happy to announce that We have now made a decisive advance. Together we modified the original protocolRishi Sunak said on the Northern Ireland Protocol to the UK’s Withdrawal Agreement.

Amendments to the protocol, established in 2020 and negotiated with former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, include “three steps to the future” and “Eliminate any trace of a maritime boundary in the Irish Sea“, declared Rishi Sunak.

According to the Prime Minister, the agreement announced today “provides Smoother trade across the UK protects Northern Ireland’s place in our Union and safeguards sovereignty of the people of Northern Ireland”.

The head of the European Commission insisted that the new rules would help preserve peace in Ireland.

“Oh “The new agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union will serve everyone,” Van der Leyen said. “Windsor Framework respects and protects our markets,” he added.

The text of the framework signed today attempts to come up with “practical solutions” to the trade problems created by the protocol, which keeps the province of Northern Ireland in the single European market.

It removes most customs restrictions on goods manufactured in Great Britain and authorized by the United Kingdom that do not leave Northern Ireland.“Cumbersome customs bureaucracy will be removed,” enthused Rishi Sunak.

This rule applies to both commercial transactions and the sending of packets by individuals. Customs rules imposed by the EU only apply if the goods leave Northern Ireland.

Some changes in VAT rates or other taxes decided by London for the UK, for example alcohol, will also apply to the Irish province, and restrictions on the transport or sale of animals or certain plants in the province will be lifted.

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British authorities will also act in place of the European Medicines Agency, which approves the sale of medicines.

The “Windsor Framework” also provides new provisions regarding the maintenance of certain European laws and the powers of the European Court of Justice, which was one of the main obstacles to the application of the original protocol. Following the model of a clause already included in the 1998 peace accords, it could be stopped under a “brake” and submitted to London’s veto power.

However, London guarantees that European laws will continue to apply to less than three percent of Northern Ireland.

Victory to Sunak

Three years after the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, known as Brexit, the Northern Ireland protocol remains a major point of tension between London and Brussels.

Signed in 2020, the protocol regulates the movement of goods between the province, which has land borders with the rest of the European Union and the United Kingdom.
Prevent divisions in the island and the return of border status, thereby keeping the British province in the single European market With the Republic of Ireland.

The new framework represents concessions from the EU and could prove a significant victory for Sunak if the conditions are accepted by Brexit hardliners and unionists in the Conservative Party. Study the “details” of each proposed new legislative proposal.

If approved, it could clear the air for celebrations of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement in April, which brokered peace between Sinn Féin republicans and unionists loyal to the British crown and London.

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Word to Stormont

In its original terms, the Protocol imposed customs restrictions on entry into Northern Ireland from Great Britain, even if they intended to remain there.

The Democratic Unionist Party, the DUP, ruled out the application of any European laws to the British province after Brexit and suspended local government operations for a year in protest, a move that has sparked outrage among DUP members.

In the New Testament included in the Windsor structure, The Stormont Assembly (Northern Ireland’s parliament) can now decide to apply European laws in the province, with London having veto power.

“Many people have demanded that Stormont have a say in this legislation,” Sunak recalls.

A new amendment has been brought in the name of Stormont break [Travão de Stormont]”Go further” and “Stormont can actually stop your application [de leis europeias] In Northern Ireland“The British Prime Minister said he now hopes that normalcy will return to the province.

“This will set up a clear process whereby the democratically elected legislature can put an emergency brake on changes to EU property rules that have a significant and lasting impact on everyday life. Putting a brake would give the UK government veto power“, Sunak revealed during the press conference.

“European law has a role to play in Northern Ireland, but with consent,” the British Prime Minister stressed, pointing to the democratic nature of the new rules.

The head of the European Commission stressed that “the EU has various mechanisms to avoid using the Stormont brake” and that this would help protect the peace process in Northern Ireland.

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However Ursula van der Leyen remembers it The European Court of Justice has the final say on legal matters relating to the EU and the Single Market.

The regulations now announced are to be voted on by the British Parliament “in due course”.A “respected” vote, added Rishi Sunak.

DUP to “read” new rules

Northern Ireland’s two main parties have already reacted Sinn Féin republicans have called for the ban on companies to be lifted.

However, the DUP has announced it will study the new framework before adopting it, noting that traces of EU influence remain in the province.

Unionist leader Geoffrey Donaldson said in a statement that the party “wants to read the document in detail”. “If necessary, we are ready to work with the government For further clarification, feedback or necessary correction” warned.

“There is no denying that European laws apply in some sectors of our economy”, the trade unionist leader added. The DUP’s maneuverability is limited, as London threatens to call local elections if the normal functioning of institutions is not resumed and the party continues to lose its voter ambitions.

The neighboring Republic of Ireland hailed the deal as “very welcome”, calling on Northern Irish leaders to decide on its application “swiftly”.

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