The Russians were arrested in Poland with the propaganda of the Wagner group

The arrests of two Russian nationals on the X platform were previously announced on Twitter. “Both charged with espionage and detained”Reads the account of the Polish interior minister.

According to a Polish secret quoted by France Press Agency, The Russians now in custody, Alexey D. and Andre G. Those identified as, were questioned by authorities after distributing at least 300 leaflets in public places in Krakow and Warsaw..Advertising material referred to as “Websites “Recruitment of the Wagner group”, the Polish counterintelligence agency indicates.

“The Russians gave them more than three thousand propaganda in Moscow in favor of the Wagner Group”Polish Internal Security Agency details.

The prisoners allegedly received “more than 500 thousand rubles”, the equivalent of 4,500 euros, for distributing propaganda on Polish soil.. They must have left the country last Saturday.

Last week, Polish media reported that in Krakow and in the capital, Warsaw, there were stickers with the Wagner group’s logo, QR codes pointing to the mercenary group’s portal, and an inscription in English: “Been here. Join us”.

Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza He added that the stickers were reported to the police by residents of the country’s two biggest cities.The Polish government wants to deploy ten thousand soldiers to Belarus’ eastern border with the declared aim of “deterrence”.

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Lithuania and Poland are warning NATO allies about the possibility of Wagner Group fighters posing as asylum seekers.

The UK Ministry of Defense pointed out on Sunday Yevgueni Prigozjhin’s group is now funded by the Belarusian authorities. London says the oligarch’s diverse interests have been targeted by the Kremlin since the mercenaries abandoned their positions in Ukraine and advanced into Russian territory after the June uprising.

“If the Russian government no longer pays Wagner, the second most reliable funders are the Belarusian authorities,” the British Ministry of Defense admitted, adding that the group appears to be downsizing in an effort to save on salaries.

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