The Kremlin announces compulsory spring military service

Every year, tens of thousands of Russians between the ages of 18 and 27 serve in the army for two compulsory periods: spring and summer and autumn.

For the spring mobilization of 2022, President Vladimir Putin has set a goal of hiring 134,500 young people, according to an order issued by the Kremlin today “for a period of one year”.

The first enlistments in the military units are scheduled for the end of May.

However, many young Russians are able to avoid compulsory military service by bribing or extending medical or educational admissions.

The current mobilization is in the midst of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine.

On March 9, the Russian Defense Ministry admitted that young men serving in the compulsory military service had been sent to war in Ukraine and that some had been captured by Ukrainian forces.

The Russian military said at the time that the recruits had been “mistakenly sent” to Ukraine and that the youth would be “deported”.

The Kremlin said today that only professional military personnel who have signed a contract are fighting in Ukraine, on the instructions of Vladimir Putin.

Several independent Russian media outlets reported cases of being forced or “encouraged” to sign the treaty and then sent to war in Ukraine.

On March 29, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reaffirmed that no recruitment would be sent to “war zones” and that young people who had completed their military service in the next few months would be reserved and sent home.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that killed at least 1,232 civilians, including 112 children, and wounded 1,935, including 149 children. Very high.

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