The hospital has ordered compensation of 197 million to the family of the mother who committed suicide

UA US hospital in Florida has been ordered to pay $211 million (about 197 million euros) to the family of a woman who committed suicide after being accused of abusing her sick daughter.

After an eight-week trial, a jury on Thursday found Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, on Florida’s west coast, liable on seven counts, including the kidnapping of minor Maya Kowalski. Netflix Documentary.

When Maya Kowalski was nine years old, when she went to the hospital, her mother accused her daughter of being sick. Beata Kowalski, a nurse, committed suicide, after all, as she argued, the child suffered from a rare neurological disease.

Beata Kowalski was accused of suffering from Munchausen syndrome, a psychological illness in which parents misdiagnose symptoms or believe that a child is sick or injured.

Maya, her father and brother, are the protagonists of a Netflix documentary © Getty Images/Eric Tanner

Now, the hospital has found “egregious and outrageous” behavior in Maya’s treatment and has been charged with multiple crimes, including false imprisonment, medical negligence, fraudulent billing and assault on a child detained at the medical center in 2016. Argument that her mother was irresponsibly giving her medicine.

It should be noted that Maya was later found to be suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), a rare neurological disease that causes severe pain at the slightest touch.

During the trial, this Thursday, the young woman could not hold back tears at the final verdict.

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