Vice President Kamala Harris is the favorite to take on Trump (she’s joined by Democratic “barons”).

If Joe Biden drops out of the race against Trump, Kamala Harris is the biggest (and most stable) Democratic presidential alternative. Conclusion from “Washington Post”.This ensures that the Vice President already enjoys strong support within the party.

The largest US newspapers, which have traditionally supported Democratic candidates in editorials – and did so with Joe Biden in the 2020 election -, They seem to be united in their desire to “remove” the current president from the electoral race. After the “New York Times” announced the president this Wednesday Thinking of leaving the scene?Tired of last week’s failed debate, the “Washington Post” this evening, consulting with several “barons” of the Democratic Party, has guaranteed that the favorite candidate to face Trump in the November election is indeed the vice president. -President Kamala Harris.

Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives, has contacted several members of the party to convince them of the merits of electing Harris now that Biden has dropped out of the race, the newspaper said. Jim Clyburn, another prominent member of the lower house of the US Congress and a close friend of Biden, also said so. “Everything must be done to support it”Refers to the Vice President.

While various “presidential” names have been floated in recent days, including the “Washington Post,” the newspaper now guarantees that no one will challenge Kamala Harris, like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, especially Jamal Simmons, Harris’ former communications director, says these candidates (like Gretchen Whitmer). are popular in their states but their national dimension is unknown. “People want their president to succeed. And the math leads us to Kamala Harris,” said Simmons.

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On the other hand, the “Washington Post” quoting political analysts assures and four months before the election, Choosing another candidate represents a “legal, political and financial minefield”.. The financial part is more important than anything else: the $250 million currently in Democratic coffers has been “promised” to Biden and his vice-president, Kamala Harris, to finance this election campaign.


Of course there are still doubts about Kamal. First, when he ran in the 2020 Democratic primary, then-California Sen. He was forced to give up early – before going to the polls -, conditioned by lack of funds and popularity in the polls.

Popularity among voters now. A CNN poll on Tuesday had Donald Trump ahead of Biden (49 vs. 43%), and Kamala Harris, though trailing Republicans, in the same poll. fared better than its leader (47 vs. 45%)..

In terms of popularity, the “Washington Post” believes that the first black woman of the US vice president can include the voters who seemed to leave Biden: “blacks, young people and women”. “Some progressives say he could win back some voters disillusioned with Biden’s handling of the Israel-Gaza war,” the newspaper added.

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