The group of hackers who attacked Expresso and SIC will be led by a 16-year-old man who has amassed 12.7 million euros.

London police have detained seven people from the group, but have not confirmed whether “White” is one of them. The young man’s father is unaware of his son’s actions

Lapsus hacking team, responsible Cyber ​​attack on Expresso and SIC websitesAmong other things, it will be led by a 16-year-old, he says BBC.

The teenager was accused by rival hackers and experts of using the aliases “white” and “freebase”, according to the British government. The young man is said to have amassed 12.7 million euros as a result of attacks on various companies.

In connection with the case, London City Police said they had arrested seven members of the group, but could not confirm whether one of them was “white”.

Seven people, aged 16 and 21, were arrested as part of an investigation into a group of hackers. They have all been released and are on trial. Our investigations are ongoing, ”the force said.

To the BBC, the hacker’s father reveals that he cares about his son and that he wants to spend less time at the computer.

“Until recently I had not heard anything about this. He did not say anything about hacking, but he is very good at computer and spends a lot of time on computer. I always thought he was playing video game.

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