The first Russian soldier to be interrogated in Ukraine on suspicion of killing a civilian – Commander

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The country’s attorney general has said a 21-year-old Russian soldier is being held on suspicion of killing an unarmed civilian in the village of Subakivka in Ukraine’s Sumi region. According to Irina Venedikova, who Quoted by Interfax UkraineThe crime took place on February 28th.

“The first Russian soldier to be prosecuted for killing a civilian in the Sumi region. The Attorney General’s Office has filed a chargesheet against the commander of the 32010 Army Brigade of the 4th Division of ‘Contemiro’: Vadim Shishimir “, said Irina Venedikova this Wednesday.

The Ukrainian judicial report states that when Russian troops tried to evade the Ukrainian armed forces, they shot at a “private car” with machine guns and captured it. Once inside the stolen vehicle, the soldiers entered the village of Subakivka, where they saw a citizen talking on his cell phone.

According to a statement from the Attorney General, Vadim Shishimmer fired several shots at the victim from the open car window. The 62-year-old died at the scene a few meters from his home.

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The murder suspect has been remanded in custody. Irina Venedikova said Ukrainian authorities had collected “evidence of soldier involvement” in war crimes, including “breaking the law” and “premeditated murder.”

In April, Ukraine revealed that there was already a “high number of cases” in which Russian troops killed Ukrainian civilians, and the Attorney General’s Office confirmed that it was investigating nearly 8,000 war crimes cases across the country. It was already this month 10 Russian soldiers suspected to have been killed in the Ukrainian city of Pucha have been identified. Now, the first Russian soldier is being investigated in Ukraine on suspicion of committing war crimes in Sumi.

“Hateful 10”. Ukraine has blamed Russian soldiers for the massacre in Pucha and is asking people to help find them

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