The fall of Vladimir’s house. Can Victory Day turn out to be Putin’s personal failure? – Viewer

Putin is waging a devastating war against Ukraine, destroying this holiday, the historian argues. “If there are soldiers marching through the Russian streets on May 9 under the Z symbols, it is difficult to talk about the historical perspectives of Victory Day if this holiday is used to glorify war criminals.”

Journalist Jose Millhause, who has been a reporter in Moscow for many years, puts forward another hypothesis. “Putin can bring surprises and, After the parade, there may be a parade of Ukrainian soldiers in Moscow Was imprisoned “, Told the audience, Recall that after World War II, German prisoners marched in cattle through Moscow. “It could be a way of humiliating the Ukrainians.”

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Putin wants to win on May 9, why?

The struggle of the Russians against war is something that Millhause could not have imagined. “It can never be ruled out, but big, no. Moscow comb before the celebration”. As for the speech, Putin would say that “military action continues according to the Russian plan, even if it is a lie”, and the Portuguese journalist who has lived in Russia for many years underscores that he is very careful with his citizens. . “This will send a number of difficult messages to Ukraine, Europe and the United States, no doubt.”

RTP’s Moscow correspondent Evgueni Mouravich of Russia accuses Putin of stealing the party from the people. May 9 is a semi-sacred holiday for Russians. Whether Putin knew this or the government he built, he privatized May 9 for state goods. In what way was it privatized? “By just holding the march and campaigning on May 9, it justifies everything that Putin’s government is doing today. May 9 belongs to all Russians and all Soviets. Conquest at great expense by 200 million Soviets of various nations and races, including Ukraine. And Putin has made Russia the sole follower of the party.

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Information on how Putin conditions in Russia

Ukraine has already announced that it will stop celebrating the end of World War II on May 9, and May 9 will be celebrated, just like the West.

Commenting on the Russian leader’s speech, Evgeny Mouravich hopes that the intervention in Red Square will help underscore the importance of fighting Nazism and fascism, “because now it is official rhetoric. The talk in Russia is that Moscow is fighting the Nazis in Kiev – Although the President of Ukraine is Jewish.

Putin failed to take Kiev. Putin failed to overthrow the government of Volodymyr Zhelensky. Putin failed to establish a pro-Russian regime in Ukraine, or the people happily welcomed their military or, alternatively, armed with fear. Putin failed to take over the Donbass region (as he said, that is the goal). And Mariupol became an endless war.

What it is managing now is to show an army that is weak and strategically unprepared and to strengthen with its weakness. Strength and resistance of Ukrainian troops. Was able to miss the list up to 5 to 9 military high posts, Depending on the source, see the main ship sinking Russian navy. Campaigns in Chechnya, Georgia, Syria and Ukraine in 2014 also saw the death toll of about 15,000 soldiers (an unconfirmed figure from Russia).

Armored vehicles were defeated by tractors. The strategic mistakes of the Russians and the military strength of the Ukrainians

With nothing to deceive the public, other than the usual campaign, did Putin not make a step forward when he was already on the brink?

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“I do not see any evidence that Putin is losing control of Russia. All polls show that most Russians support the war. I do not believe it is 80%, but it will be more than 50%, ”said Oleg Ignatov. He explains that this is because people do not have access to independent information. “But many are sincere supporters of Putin and the war. That is true. So we should not think that Putin will lose his power if Russia loses this war.”

In the United States, a professor at the West Point Military Academy did not expect Putin to step down at any time – victory or defeat against Ukraine. “Whatever happens in the war, I think Putin described the move as “a mission accomplished” And the Russians will say they have accomplished their goals. Considering his inner circle, I think Putin will remain in power until he decides to leave, “said Vikram Mittal.

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