The baby chases the poisonous snake and leads to find a nest with 110 eggs

UA two-year-old Australian child found a nest of more than 100 eggs, considered one of the world’s most venomous snake species, after chasing one in the family’s backyard.

By FacebookWildlife Conservation revealed it was called to a home in Sydney on March 9 after a family reported a snake problem.

The family believed at least 10 of these reptiles were in their backyard, specifically snakes of the genus Pseudonaja textilis. However, when the two-year-old ended up chasing one of them and the scene became “a little weird,” the family called for the organization’s help.

“Seven to 10 baby snakes were found in the front yard about a month ago, and another baby was found last night,” the organization revealed, explaining that the animal was “followed by the resident’s two-year-old child.”

Forest conservancy officials went to the family’s backyard where they found 110 ‘Pseudonaja textilis’ eggs, which belonged to several snakes.

Besides finding an adult ‘Pseudonaja textilis’, they also found a black snake with a red belly.

The team also noted that the snakes had dull eyes and rough skin, indicating that food such as frogs, lizards and snakes were abundant in the area.

The organization said it would return to oversee the space.

It is noteworthy that the venom of ‘Pseudonaja textiles’ is considered to be the second most toxic in the world.

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