Super weapon to kill Russians

According to some reports, the United States and its allies have been sending arms to Ukraine in recent weeks following the Russian invasion. Images Destroyed Russian tanks One weapon in particular attracted attention on social media: the spear.

According to The New York Times, more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons, including javelin missiles, were sent to Ukraine via Poland and Romania. But what are the characteristics of a spear?

Javelin missile played a key role in this war between Russia and Ukraine and was also known as S. Javelin. Despite warnings that missile systems will not change the war properly, weapons experts say the spear will be particularly effective against Russian tanks.

But what are the characteristics of a spear?

Javelin is an anti-tank missile system that blocks the thermal image of the target. The soldier spies on the target with a commando missile unit and selects different targets and attack types.

These anti-tank missiles are the most portable and advanced in the world, weighing about 15 kilograms and can be carried on a soldier's shoulder.

FGM-148 Spear: Sophisticated weapon for killing Russians

When launched, the missile's launcher pushes it out of the tube. The launch goes smoothly, so there is not much debris or smoke, making it very difficult for the enemy to see where it was fired. The spear is known as a "fire and forget" system, once programmed, the missile makes its way.

FGM-148 Spear: Sophisticated weapon for killing Russians

As can be seen in the following image, the "operator" launches the missile directly into the tank, otherwise launches an attack in the upper zone. According to reports, the range of the weapon will be 4.5 km and the missile will be up to 150 m.

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FGM-148 Spear: Sophisticated weapon for killing Russians

Although the spear can strike any type of vehicle that emits heat, it is more powerful against tanks because it strikes from above. That is why it is called a spear (spear), which acts almost like a spear.

The spear is also used to attack low-flying helicopters. " Studies.

Ukraine recently reported that Russia had already lost 335 tanks and about 1,100 armored vehicles in the war.

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