Silent Hill 2 re-release rumors

Following rumors that horror game developer Bloober Team is remaking the legendary Silent Hill 2, CEO Piotr Babieno said he could not comment, but hoped to announce the company’s future projects “as quickly as possible.” He added that her undeclared project “will remain a title for the Blooper team” even if it is done in partnership with another company. Babieno also explained that future Bloober games will be bigger and more gameplay focused than in the past, and won’t be “Walking sim” type experiences.

Speaking to IGN at the Polish gaming conference Digital Dragons, Papineau responded to the rumors (first reported by the influencer. hate nite And then a journalist Jeff Group) about the remake of Silent Hill 2 by saying:

We cannot comment on anything we do because of course we value our relationship with our partners. So we can’t [say] Any thing. We will announce our future projects as soon as possible. Then you’ll know more.” He added with a laugh, “Officially.”

The Bloober team partnered with Konami – owner of the Silent Hill series – last year. Since then, multiple reports have linked the developer (who developed the horror games Layers of Fear, Observer, Blair Witch, and The Medium) to the Silent Hill project. She was even forced to deny that some of the game’s unused concepts were planned for Silent Hill titles. Bloober previously confirmed that at one time Work on two addresses, one with Konami, while the other, slated to be published by the Private Division, is a new IP address. Papineau tells me that the third title is in pre-production.

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Later in the interview, I asked Babieno about the company’s experience working with a license holder in the Blair Witch case, and the CEO briefly referred to one of Bloober’s upcoming projects, explaining that his company’s approach is to make games on their own terms, even if it’s within someone else’s franchise.

“I would say that it is difficult to work with someone [owns an IP you’re working on]but we always talk to these licensees, [saying] Guys, we’d love to use your license, but we’d like to tell our own story. “If we can’t tell our own story, if we don’t have creative freedom, it just doesn’t make sense, because Team Blooper isn’t going to make a great game,” Papino said. If you are in prison, you will. Not be able to fly. That’s why we just try [make] Those nicknames we’re like, ‘Okay, it’s going to be a Bloober Team game, not someone [else’s]“. So even in the project we can’t talk [about]The Bloober team title will remain.”

Babieno didn’t explain that this was a reference to a Konami title, but it seems likely that Bloober’s Private Division is a new IP. If this is the case, and Bloober is working on Silent Hill, Babieno’s words can be taken to mean that the company is applying its own ideas to Silent Hill 2, or alternatively, Silent Hill is actually a completely new story in the series. The CEO did not provide any further comment on these lines.

Speaking generally about the future of the Bloober team, Babieno said the company aimed to change the kinds of games it makes, while sticking to the darker, psychologically focused areas in which it specialized.

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“There are a lot of people on our team who would like to do bigger games, with more gameplay, with some game mechanics [we haven’t used before] Because most of our previous titles have been experience-like, right? It was more about the mood, the story, and not necessarily about the gameplay. […] We like to make games that tell our stories based on game mechanics. So you can expect that each of our future titles will include a lot of gameplay mechanics. Those titles will be even greater.”

He added that Bloober Games will continue to move away from the “walking simulation” approach of its early successes, such as Layers of Fear.

“It’s not a huge leap, it’s an evolution, but now we’re well prepared to make games similar to Hellblade, for example [one example]. But I would say that we will still have our DNA – these games will still belong to the legacy of the Bloober team, and they will be even greater. We will tell stories [through gameplay]And Kinds of experiences will not be walked in the future, but still the subject, those feelings we desire [we would like our fans to feel]”They will stay,” Papineau said.

Aside from rumors about a remake of Silent Hill 2, images of what is rumored to be a rebrand of Silent Hill were revealed last week – and were quickly taken down following a copyright claim. The deletion appears to lend credence to its authenticity, although Konami has not commented.

Silent Hill 2 is still one of the most beloved games ever released. We called the PS2 psychological horror game one of the best games of all time, calling it “an exploration of the depths of human depravity and its effects on the people and places around us that few video games have approached with such nagging grace and maturity.”

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