SIC in Ukraine: Anti-aircraft batteries caught fire in Odessa to avoid an attack

Sirens sounded warning of possible airstrikes again in cities in southern Ukraine. Mikholev was the target of another bombing. Report by SIC Special Envoys Nuno Perera and Jose Silva.

Anti-aircraft batteries fire into the sky in Odessa. They are looking for something they have found in the sky.

Russian forces are stationed in Gershon, but according to Ukrainian officials, no attempt was made to force them out of the city.

On Monday morning, the Russians reportedly used cluster weapons – banned by international norms – in the town of Ochakiv in the Mykolayiv region.

The Mykolaiv area was the worst hit: 13 people were killed in a bomb blast overnight. There are currently 301 people being treated at the hospital in the city.

Ukrainian authorities have identified a sabotage attempt by Russian troops who tried to enter the Mykolayiv border and disrupt anti-aircraft security. Upon discovery, the soldiers were chased away.

Pictures of the Russian military ship “Moscow” sinking from the sea came. The ship defended all Russian ships, and the fleet was weakened without “Moscow.” However, Ukrainian forces did not rule out the possibility of a waterfall landing.

The Mykolaiv regional administration confirms that 15,658 civilians have fled the city in the past 24 hours, the majority of whom have taken refuge in Odessa.

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