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Russian officials want to redraw their border in the Baltic Sea in front of the Kaliningrad region, which would help change the state border line and expand territorial waters in front of the Russian exclave.

Therefore, the Russian government, as indicated by the Ministry of Defense, established a series of coordinates by which the width of the area adjacent to the Russian coast can be measured.

Reference lines will be established south of the Russian Islands, in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, in the city of Baltic and in the city of Zelenogradsk. , will allow these associated waters to be used as Russian inland waters”, the ‘TASS’ news agency revealed.

In this sense, he pointed out that “the change in the position of the outer border of the maritime territory will change the border of the Russian state”, and the maps will be modified “to guarantee the safety of navigation”.

With the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, attention was again drawn to the strategic situation in the Baltic Sea. By joining the alliance, the two Scandinavian countries will virtually end the Baltic blockade and help coordinate allied defense efforts in the region. However, the Russian Federation in the Baltics remains and its influence remains a threat.

For NATO, the security of the entire Baltic region is interconnected with maritime connectivity within and across the Baltic Sea. Due to the remote location of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, seaborne reinforcements were important to strengthen their defenses. Russia depends on the same shipping lanes for its trade, transport and significant parts of its Baltic enclave, Kaliningrad.

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