Shaun White ends his Olympic career without another trip to the podium

Snowboarder Shawn White, the face of modern winter sports, wrapped up his Olympic career Friday in Beijing without adding another medal to his collection.

White35, from Carlsbad, California, finished the podium In the men’s semi-finals Friday morning in Genting Glacier Park.

White, who finished fourth in the third round, hit 1,440 but fell in the next round, ending his medal chances in what he said was his last.

He took off his helmet and raised it high as he walked to the end, waving applause.

Japan’s Ayumu Hirano scored 96 goals to win the gold medal, ahead of Australian Scotty James, who won the silver medal. Swiss Jean Scherer won the bronze medal.

White later held back tears as he reflected on the moment and his career.

“There is a lot of emotion coming to me now. There is joy from the audience and some kind words from my fellow competitors down below,” White said.

“I just want to thank everyone for watching. Everyone in the house: Thanks. Snowboarding: Thank you. He said.

White commented on the development of the sport, one that is now filled with top skaters who were kids when White won his first Olympic gold.

“I can’t wait to see where this sport will go, it’s getting wild,” he said.

White added that he was happy for Hirano, who approached the top of the podium with two silver medals – most recently behind White in 2018. in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

“And watching him run. Fantastic. I’m proud to stand up and cheer for him from here on out,” White said.

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Hirano, in the final round of the competition, blasted off to the Olympic gold with a competition that included a triple corkscrew.

White, who recently announced that this will be his Fifth and final mission as an Olympianleaves the sport with three gold medals in five Olympic games.

He had previously climbed to the top of the podium TurinItaly (2006), VancouverBritish Columbia (2010) and PyeongChang (2018). Ranked 4th in Sochi, Russia, in 2014.

White punched his ticket to the Friday morning final with 4th place in the playoffs. He had to bounce back from a catastrophic accident In his first run That suddenly put his gold medal defense in jeopardy.

“Everything was clicking, and I think I just took that lax approach to that last blow and the next thing I knew I was slipping on my back and thinking, ‘What happened? ‘ White said relieved shortly after reaching the final.

For casual followers of sports, submitted to the Olympics In Nagano, Japan, in 1998White is the only male hero they’ve ever known.

With wild red hair early in his career, White was hailed as a “Flying Tomato”, nickname is I hugged him reluctantly But Shepherds And the masses.

I have kept Popular despite stability A sexual harassment claim from Lina Zawaideh, a former drummer for the rock band White, Bad Things.

the White Oldest half-pipe runner in Olympic historyHe said he hopes to inspire the next generation of snowboarders.

“I’m enjoying every moment,” he said shortly after the opening ceremony. Referring to his competitors he said, “Everyone is catching up. There are incredibly talented riders, and I feel I have a helping hand to inspire them.”

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