Seth Rollins says Bray Wyatt’s character is hard to work with

during His last interview with Ariel HalawaniSeth Rollins was asked a timely question: Would he like to end his 2019 feud with Bray Wyatt?

This is interesting, of course, because it definitely looks like Rollins and Wyatt will work with the same company again very soon. Seth’s answer has an issue that wrestling fans have been talking about throughout Bray’s career, and we may be wrestling with it again very soon – while Wyatt’s characters have interesting introductions that lead to uniquely compelling material, do they work in traditional pro wrestling stories?

“Yeah, I mean — there could be another crack in this pretty cool. I mean, look, Bray Wyatt’s character is really tough. If you look at anyone who’s worked with Bray Wyatt’s character for a long period of time, they’re not going to get out of it any better than they went in. It was. It’s so hard to have a story with him where – apart from Randy, obviously who killed him – it was hard for anyone. I think maybe Daniel Bryan? Maybe Brian survived a little bit.

“But pretty much everyone had a terrible ending to their character. That was the end of Seth Rollins as you know it, the Beast Slayer character. It was hard to know how to tell a good wrestling story with this character… I wasn’t good at it. It’s something I wasn’t good at, I wasn’t I was good at phenomenology.I couldn’t mix that with reality enough to make what felt like a captivating story.

“At the end of the day, maybe it would have been better if he had hit me in that dungeon and put the claw on me and called it the day. I could have moved on to something else, and he could have run like a champ. But it wasn’t like that and we played the hand that was dealt and it wasn’t That’s our call, and I know he’s going to tell you the same. Things didn’t go the way we wanted. We tried, tried, tried, and the manager didn’t budge at the time. And that’s how we ended up – like I said before, it’s not our sandbox. We’re represented on Onstage sometimes and we read the lines. That was one of those nights, we didn’t have the freedom to advertise. We didn’t have the freedom to take things into our own hands.

“I’d like to have another crack at working with the Windham Rotunda. He’s an incredible talent. Just a mind for the industry and for the very unique stories and characters, of which there aren’t many people in our work – past, present or future – who think about things on a level that He does. So I’d like to have another rift working with him, because I think we can do something very special, whether it’s with The Fiend character or not? Who know. He’s a master of reinventing himself, so if he does, if he crosses our paths and finds way back here, I would definitely love to get another round. There’s definitely magic to be made there. In what capacity? I don’t know.”

This is understandable for Rollins, as the disastrous feud with The Fiend is a big cause His chance to become the best man in WWE fell apart. Takes responsibility for program failures. But suggesting that nearly everyone who has worked with Bray—without specifying whether he’s only talking about his latest incarnation or including a gimmick of the cult leader that preceded him—saw their character meeting a “terrible ending” isn’t exactly an endorsement of White’s characters.

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It is the remainder of the quote that led to an impassioned discussion in the Cageside offices. The reservation for the hated Hell in a Cell match was apparently placed at Vince McMahon’s feet. In their own way, Seth & Bray owns covered it before.

But is Rollins more interested in working with the Wyndham Rotunda in the future because he thinks he’ll face the next Rotunda reinvention instead of The Fiend? Or because they no longer play in Vince’s “sand”? And are the pre-hell difficulties of the cell that Seth talks about attributable mostly to Wyatt’s earlier characters, or the vision for those dictated by the man who was writing and directing Bray’s play and his co-actors?

We should get more clarity about this when we see how any subsequent Wyatt character is handled in the shows booked by Triple H and his team.

In the meantime, let us know what you think, Cagesiders.

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