Seagulls build nest in Dorset police car. The vehicle departs without disturbing the birds – current events

A pair of sponges chose to build their nest on the roof of the Dorset police car, which they removed from service because it was a protected species and could not be disturbed, he says Defender.

Therefore, due to the 1981 Act (Wildlife and Rural Act) which protects these birds, the Dorset police have to wait until nature takes over.

“We are now in contact with Nature UK to explore the options offered to us in these extraordinary circumstances. As it is a reserve vehicle, there are enough cars to meet our operating needs and it will not have any impact on our daily lives. However, we are keen to get the vehicle up and running quickly,” the police news release said. The spokesman said.

Source of RSPB, an animal protection organization, explained what leads to the conservation of birds on the site.

“Birds are very vulnerable when building nests. Any disturbance can kill or injure wild birds – or cause parent birds to drop their nests, eggs and chicks,” it added.

Therefore, “nests should not be moved or destroyed while they are being built or are still in use – except under certain exceptions which may allow certain birds to be controlled under the license for specific reasons”.

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