Sam Elliott Apologizes For ‘Dog Power’ Comments – Deadline

except: Sam Elliott On Sunday he apologized for the comments he made last month about the movie dog power on Marc Maron What is this bullshit Podcast and a private message for Jane CampionAcademy Award winner for directing western drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

“I said What is this bullshit Podcaster I thought Jane Campion was a great director, and I want to apologize to the cast dog powerElliot said. “And in particular Benedict Cumberbatch. I can’t help but say I’m sorry and so am I. I am.”

While speaking during the deadline TV competitors Sunday promotion event 1883 On Paramount+, Elliott kicked off his responsibilities with a semi-serious warning. “First of all, don’t create a podcast using WTF call letters.” He then said that the movie “struck a chord with me” and wanted to talk to Maron about “how I felt about the movie”.

“I didn’t say it much. I didn’t explain it very well,” Elliott said, in what was his first public comment since the March 1 podcast. “And I said some things that hurt people and I feel awful about it. The gay community has been amazing to me throughout my career. And I mean all of my career, since before I started in this city. Friends at every level and every job description until today. I’m sorry I hurt any of these friends and someone I loved. and anyone else with the words I used.”

Faith Hill followed up on the Elliott star by pointing out the “incredible Elliot” on set and how he would do everything in his power to apologize to anyone he thought had offended him. “Whatever it is, if he steps on his toe or takes off a hat.”

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Then she screamed, “We love Sam!”

Watch today’s exchange video above.

While speaking with Maron on the podcast, Elliott described dog power As a Western “freak” with “hints of homosexuality”. The veteran actor, who has played a slew of Westerns in his career, has also compared cowboy characters to Chippendale dancers who “wear ties and nothing else” and who “run classes and don’t wear shirts.” As for New Zealand-born Campion making an American tale, he added, “What does this woman know from below about the American West?”

Campion later responded to Elliott’s comments. “I think it’s really unfortunate and sad for him because he’s really hit the misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia trilogy,” she told Deadline last month. “I don’t like it. I think he was just a bit of a bitch. Plus he’s not a cowboy, he’s an actor.”

at 1883, Elliott plays Shea Brennan, a hardened Civil War vet who leads the Dutton family and a group of European immigrants across the border. Paramount+ will present Elliott for consideration for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Actor category, while 1883 He will be competing for the Limited Series Award as the drama will not return for a second season.

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