Russia’s largest warship shot down by missile fired from Odessa

Both Ukraine and Russia have already confirmed Russia’s largest warship, Moscow Degraded This Thursday, in the Black Sea. According to the Odessa Regional Administration, a Neptune missile with 500 crew on board was launched from Odessa.

These are New security weapons sent to Ukraine by the United KingdomReported by SIC Ambassadors, Journalist Nuno Ricardo Pereira and Image Reporter Jose Silva.

Russian Defense Minister Denied that the ship was attacked by Ukraine. It says the damage is a consequence The fire that ignited the weapons on board. That further emphasizes The crew on board are safe on other warships.

The The ship was the protagonist of one of the best moments of the beginning of the conflict: The Russian army calls for the surrender of the small island of Zmiinyi With 13 Ukrainian guards refused to surrender.

Initially, the guards were thought to have been killed. However, It was later learned that they had been captured by the Russian military and had already been released as part of a prisoner exchange between the two countries.

The regional administrator of Odessa said this Thursday, The The border guards complied with the soldiers’ words at the time, “Russian Warship, Bo f ***”.

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