Russia’s exclusion from UN Human Rights Council “weakens its effectiveness”

Russia warned on Wednesday that suspending the UN Human Rights Council would weaken the organization’s global character and leave full control over human rights in the hands of the West.

“Excluding Russia from the Council would undoubtedly undermine its global character, effectiveness and, in practice, allow Western powers to exercise full control over the human rights field,” a ministry spokesman said. Foreign Minister Maria Zakharova told a news conference.

The UN is a body of 193 member states. The General Assembly convenes in New York on Thursday to vote on Russia’s request to suspend the Human Rights Council.

The initiative for the claim fell to Ukraine, the United States and the United Kingdom after allegations were leveled against Russian troops in Ukraine, especially after the massacre of hundreds of civilians in Pucha and elsewhere.

Many countries support the request, including Canada, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

To this end, the promoters of the initiative distributed a draft resolution proposing to suspend Russia’s participation rights in the Human Rights Council and the UN. It can be approved by two-thirds of the votes of the member states.

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