Russian officials accuse YouTube of shutting down the Duma channel

Vyacheslav Volodin, chairman of the Duma (lower house of parliament), said the Russian parliamentary channel had been blocked on the digital streaming site Duma-TV.

“The United States wants a monopoly on the dissemination of information. We can not allow this, “Vyasaslav Volod wrote in a telegram.

This morning, journalists from the AFP news agency in Moscow discovered that the account could not be accessed with or without a virtual private network (VPN), allowing you to avoid blocking.

According to Moscow, the “Duma-TV” account has more than 145,000 subscribers on Youtube. The channel broadcasts parliamentary hearings, interviews with Russian delegates and live live debates.

“Of course YouTube has signed its own condemnation,” Russian diplomatic spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded in a telegram, calling for the “rapid” transfer of content from the Google site to Russian video services.

In recent weeks, at a time when the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is raging, Moscow has repeatedly accused Moscow of blocking the accounts of Russian media and officials.

Today, Russian communications regulator Roskomnadzor asked Google to restore the Duma-TV account “immediately”.

Roskomnadzor has already accused Google and YouTube of “terrorist” activities in March, the first step in cracking down on Internet sites in Russia, such as Twitter, Instagram and several independent media outlets since the conflict began in Russia. Territory.

Since the start of the war against Ukraine on February 24, Russian authorities have made several attempts to curb reports of conflict on the Internet.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that killed at least 1,626 civilians, including 132 children, and wounded 2,267, including 197 minors. Very high.

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The war has already left an undeclared number of military casualties and more than 11 million dead, of which 4.3 million have fled to neighboring countries.

It was the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II (1939-1945) and the United Nations estimates that about 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The Russian invasion was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

Google says Duma channel suspension is linked to Russia’s sanctions

Google today explained that the suspension of the Russian parliament’s YouTube channel due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is related to compliance with the law of sanctions and trade rules.

“Google complies with all applicable restraints and trade compliance laws. If we find an account violating the Terms of Service, we will take appropriate action,” Interfax, an American technology company, told the independent Russian news agency Interfax.

On March 24, the United States imposed sanctions on the Duma (under parliament) and 328 delegates in the face of Russian aggression in Ukrainian territory.

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