Russia is frustrated without enough support from China. “China will always protect the interests of the Chinese people” – Observer

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A few weeks before the invasion of Ukraine, Russia and China pledged an “unlimited” alliance, but in recent weeks, Russian officials have expressed some disappointment in their dealings with the Chinese governmentRegarding their perception that there is not enough support for the “special military operation” that began 100 days ago in Ukraine.

This is an idea conveyed to Washington Post By Chinese and American diplomatic sources. Based on the contacts made by the American newspaper, the Chinese authorities have shown their willingness to help Russia, but do not want to cause any disgrace to the international sanctions imposed on Moscow.

In favor of Russia, which has angered Moscow, China would have set a limit on what it can do. At least in two meetings described as “tense” by sources who spoke to The Washington Post, Russia would have asked Beijing for new avenues for economic support. In particular, it is a re-evaluation of pre-occupation “trade agreements” and some kind of technical assistance that Russia will need and no longer receive in the West.

A source close to Beijing summed up China’s position: “China has already clarified its position on the illegal sanctions being applied to Ukraine and Russia.” However, the same source added: “We understand the situation in Russia, but we will never ignore our own situation in this conversation. China will always act in the best interests of the Chinese people.”.

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