Russia enters a war economy, “contradiction” and soup swirl around new 100 ruble note

SIC commentators Jose Milhazes and Nuno Rogero examine the situation in Lysizansk, the new labor law being implemented in Russia targeting private companies, the declaration of the former Secretary General of NATO, the “contradiction” surrounding the 100 ruble note and the Ukrainian soup.

SIC commentator José Milhazes reports Russia will move forward with labor legislation that “shows the country is preparing for a long conflict.” Moscow wants Forces private companies to carry out government orders of interest to the armed forces and secret services.

José Milhazes considers this law Russia appears to have “no means to continue the war in Ukraine”. In this way, it enters a war economy Private companies were prevented from carrying out these orders.

On the other hand, the commentator is Nuno Rogero It brings to the table the statement of former NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen, “If NATO had politically protected Ukraine from the beginning, the Kremlin would think twice”.

Russia a A new 100 ruble banknote with the image of a Soviet soldier. However, notes Not entered into circulation, because 100% of boxes are imported in Russia.

The Ukrainian beetroot soup, borscht, Sanctified as Intangible Heritage by UNESCO worthy of Moscow’s immediate condemnation. A spokesman for Russian diplomacy said the soup was made by Russians in Kiev in the 15th and 16th centuries.

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