Russia claims to have destroyed armored tanks supplied by Eastern Europe in attack on Kiev – Observer

Russia gave the guarantee this Sunday Armored tanks supplied to Ukraine by Eastern European countries were destroyed by air strikes on KievThe first in the last few weeks in the Ukrainian capital.

“The most accurate, long-range missiles fired by Russian space forces on the outskirts of Kiev destroyed T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles in hangars supplied by Eastern European countries,” a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Mayor of Kiev, Vitaly Klitschko, Had already claimed this morning that several explosions had rocked the city. “Several explosions in the city’s Tornitsky and Dniprovsky districts. Firefighters are putting out the fire,” he wrote in a statement on the Telegram platform.

Ukraine: The mayor said that there were several explosions in Kiev

Deployment of Russian ship missiles disrupted five weeks of calm in the Ukrainian capital, hitting various infrastructure such as railway stations. One person has been admitted to hospital with injuries, officials said..

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Kiev has not faced any attacks since the UN Secretary General’s visit, António Guterres, on April 28th. The morning attack raised airstrikes and showed that Russia still has the potential to reach the heart of Ukraine, despite dropping its broad offensive in recent weeks to focus its efforts on the east of the country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Russian television this Sunday, posed an indirect threat to Western countries supplying arms to Ukraine. Russia will hit new targets if the West supplies long-range missiles to UkraineNot least because the current arms supplies are aimed at “prolonging the conflict.”

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He said that if Kiev received long-range rockets, Moscow would “make appropriate decisions and use the means of destruction that we have in abundance to attack targets that we have not yet hit.” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post..

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