Reflection on the Second Sunday of Lent

Sacrifice that pleases God is an attitude of detachment and detachment, complete surrender to His Word and complete trust in Him.

Father Cesar Augusto, SJ – Vatican News

GIn general, despite our faith in the God of love expressed by Jesus, we have the pagan attitude of believing that the Almighty asks us to make inhuman sacrifices. So we think that to God, painful and difficult penances are pleasant and that even speaking to Him requires artificial practices beyond our truth.

All of this shows that it is as rooted in our culture as it was in Abraham's culture.

Abraham, who gradually learns of the one true God who reveals himself to him, tests his faith through the sacrifice of his son Isaac. After proving his faith, God leaves him unsacrificed, demonstrating his mercy and generosity. What goes through Abraham's head goes through ours.

We believe that God is satisfied with the most painful and difficult. What god is this? It was certainly not revealed to Abraham, and much less revealed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What made Abraham love and please God was his uneasy attitude of leaving his paternal home, his homeland, and going into the unknown, trusting in God's word. His attitude of killing his son does not please the almighty but shows that he has given up his future too and trusts in God alone.

Sacrifice that pleases God is an attitude of detachment and detachment, complete surrender to His Word and complete trust in Him.

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The Gospel contains the account of the Lord's transfiguration. Consider Peter's attitude. He, along with John and his brother James, loses a special friendship with the Lord, and the passion that Jesus suffers is emphatically expressed to him. As Jesus seeks to prepare them for the decisive moment of his struggle against evil, Peter is captivated by the moment he lives, today we will say with awe, and we propose stability, shelter by building tents, the desire to endure. Travelers.

The father draws the attention of the beloved son to listen to him. At that time the theology ends and only Jesus is with them. Listening to the Father's word, Jesus, is the only thing necessary in our lives. We should put aside the asceticism that pleases God, the desired asceticism, and true penance, and take only Jesus Christ as the completeness of our lives.

Everything life has to offer me, be it material or spiritual, I have to put everything in perspective: family, health, religion, career, respect, everything. All these values ​​are to be experienced while bringing me closer to God.

Relationships between husbands, parents, children, brothers and sisters are not sacred in themselves, but because they are relationships that lead me to God, they lead me to love. So they become holy.

Dear listening friends, the crosses we encounter in marriage, family, professional life, ecclesiastical community and many other places are part of this life of surrender, asceticism, of self, proclaimed in the transfiguration of Jesus. – Denial, Repentance, Love.

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In this season of penance, let us not forget the vow most dear to God: “Loose the shackles of injustice, loose the bonds of the yoke, give freedom to the oppressed, put an end to all slavery”.

Let us follow the Guru and be generous in love like him.

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