Random: BMW unveils Pokémon-style Mini Aceman concept at Gamescom

Photo: Gamescom/BMW/The Pokémon Company

BMW has revealed a Pokémon-inspired version of its all-electric Mini Aceman concept car as part of the MINI x Pokémon collaboration.

It appears during a somewhat strange clip from Gamescom’s Opening Night Live, as hosted by Geoff Keighley, there was a lot of language focused on the stylized brand but not so much in terms of detail. It’s a car with the “toying features” concept, although exactly what that means has never been explained.

The car appears to display a lot of neat Pokemon graphics across the dashboard, but Oliver Helmer, head of miniature design and the young Kelly wondering about the car showed his best media-training moves by distracting the first question to talk some fluff. Gamescom, and then driving the conversation into the very specific nothingness. Mini is more than just a car, you see; it’s a Letter Partner with him to explore the way.

Photo: Gamescom

Apparently, this collaboration is a match made in heaven because the Pikachu is an electric variant and the car is also electric – it must have taken the second marketing team, perhaps three Whole seconds to come to it. However, there is good news for Ash and his favorite Pocket Monster, as they will presumably be able to stay on the road in their nice set of wheels while avoiding soaring prices for idle energy as the cost of living crisis grips nations across the globe.

Apparently, you can connect your gaming console to this mini, but again, no details are given. “Play on” is the slogan behind this collaboration. Thank God they were able to squeeze in this essential piece of information, otherwise we’d be left with questions.

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So yes. An odd part for sure. But hey, at least this part wasn’t space-based. we they were Disappointed that Jeff didn’t ask Oliver his favorite Pokemon like he said, though.

BMW Blog He has more information about the car. Check out the video below (skip to the end of the Pokemon bit):

puzzled? Timid? exhausted? bed time. Let us know your thoughts on the Mini Aceman concept and how it appeals to gamers below. And let us know your guesses about the designer’s favorite Pokemon, too. Let’s get some puns out of this at least.

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