Putin says EU is committing “economic suicide” by vetoing Russian power, warns of “irreversible consequences” – observer

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday described the EU’s (EU) energy policy as “economic suicide”, citing Russia’s ban on gas and oil as a barrier to a military strike on Ukraine.

“This economic auto-da-fe, this suicide, is the internal affairs of European countries. We must act pragmatically and with our economic interests in mind, ”he said at a meeting dedicated to the oil sector. “This could have irreversible consequences for a significant portion of European industrial production.”

Putin explored the possibility of a European veto on Russian crude oil, saying “for political reasons, To fulfill its own aspirations and under pressure from the United StatesEuropean countries are increasingly imposing sanctions, ”one of which could lead to rising inflation.

“Western colleagues, politicians and economists, He simply forgot the basic basic economic laws Or who chooses to emotionally ignore them in a way that harms them, ”he said.

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“Instead of identifying their faults, they look for other culprits.”The Russian president has vetoed Russia’s energy resources, saying “Europe will soon become the most expensive region in the world.”

“According to some experts, this will seriously and irreversibly compromise the competitiveness of much of the European industry,” Putin warned.

“Europeans openly acknowledge that they are not Russia manages to fully distribute energy resources.Putin added that most of the oil in some of these countries is consumed by Russians, so “without Russian oil, they would not be able to do this for a long time.”

He declared that some European countries had put themselves in this position “without taking into account the damage they had already done and the damage they had done to their economies.”

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On the Russian economy, Putin called on the government and the heads of the country’s major oil and gas companies to consider further measures to protect national interests.

“In light of the steps that the West will take soon, We need to make early decisions and act in advanceTurn the unthinkable and confusing actions of some of our partners in our favor, in favor of our country, ”he underlined.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine that lasted until February 24 and was condemned by most of the international community in response to military and economic aid to Ukraine and tougher sanctions and sanctions against Russia.

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