Putin says an attack on Ukraine is the only way to protect Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country has “no other way” to defend itself other than attacking Ukraine this Thursday, confirming that the Russian military is engaged in the task of occupying that neighboring country.

“It simply came to our notice then. Because we have no choice, ‚ÄĚPutin said during a meeting with businessmen in Moscow, which was broadcast on television.

“Security risks have been created, otherwise it will not be reactive,” Putin explained, questioning the stubbornness of Kiev and the West to the security demands put forward by Russia in recent months.

After demanding that Ukraine pledge not to be part of NATO, the Russian president said, “They may endanger us to the point where we do not know how to survive.”

Putin reassured Russia that it did not want to undermine the economy and did not want to deviate from it, in response to the announcement of sanctions that would hit Russian markets and the currency hard.

“Russia continues to participate in the world economy,” Putin said, warning that Moscow “does not want to undermine the system in which it operates and that its government is prepared for the impact of new sanctions against the economy.” Show “unity”.

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