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For typical electronics projects, most of us have a stack of resistors with different values ​​stored somewhere on our tool table. There are various ways to organize them for easy access and identification, but for real efficiency, an on-board resistance substitution box can be used to quickly change resistance values ​​at one point in the circuit. So far this seems to be the climax of a quick selection of resistors of different sizes, But thanks to this anti-programming bank There is a better option available now.

Unlike a traditional switch box or contract box, which uses switches or dials to select different value resistors across a set of terminals, this one is programmable and uses a series of sealed relays instead. This is not where the features stop. It also comes with an internal calibration circuit that takes into account the resistance of the relay contacts and internal wires to provide a very accurate resistance value across their terminals. It can also be manually calibrated to account for temperature or other factors.

For an often overlooked piece of testing equipment, this device definitely fits the bill for something we didn’t know we needed until now. despite of digital resistor replacement boxes Are things we’ve shown in the past, the connectivity and calibration capabilities of this device make it interesting.

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