Pro-war Russian journalists offered pigs’ heads

BAt least three pro-war Russian journalists received severed pig heads from unknown senders last week.

Journalists – including columnist Timofey Sergeitsev, military expert Konstantin Zhivkov and TASS news agency photojournalist Mikhail Tereshchenko – previously reported receiving death threats.

According to The Moscow Times, Sergitsev, who last year wrote a controversial article calling for the killing of Ukrainian civilians, recently received a pig’s head.

The Telegram-Basa news channel, which is linked to Russian authorities, said Sergitsev found the pig’s head in a black bag on the doorstep of his home on Tuesday night.

RIA Novosti later reported that military expert Zhivkov had received a severed pig’s head.

“[Sivkov] Then came a phone call where the unknown caller demanded to drop his support [à invasão da Ucrânia pela Rússia] He issued death threats,” the news agency said.

Another Telegram channel linked to Russian authorities revealed that TASS photojournalist Tereshchenko had received a pig’s head from the courier on September 19.

Police are investigating and do not have any suspects at this time.

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