Pro-Palestinian Protesters Block Iconic Golden Gate Bridge – News

Aerial footage shows long lines of cars parked on the bridge, while lanes in the opposite direction are completely deserted. Protesters on this side of the California city block anyone from entering or leaving, holding a banner reading “Stop the world for Gaza.”

The demonstration is part of the “A15 Action” initiative, which aims to block several major cities in the world “in solidarity with Palestine”.

Elsewhere in the US, protesters blocked Chicago airport today and Los Angeles was the scene of a demonstration.

Protest organizers' web portal identifies forty cities where actions will be held in various countries, including Australia, Belgium, Spain, Colombia and South Korea.

“In each city, we will identify and prevent major disruptions in the economy, focusing on points of production and transportation, with the aim of having the greatest economic impact,” the organizers explain on their portal.

An unprecedented attack by the Islamist movement Hamas from Gaza on October 7 killed 1,170 people, most of them civilians, according to an AFP report based on official Israeli data.

More than 250 people were abducted and 129 were detained in Gaza, 34 of whom died, Israeli officials said.

In response, Israel vowed to destroy Hamas, which has been in power in Gaza since 2007, which the United States and the European Union consider a terrorist organization.

The Israeli army launched an offensive that has already caused 33,797 deaths in the Palestinian territories, including 68 in 24 hours, according to the Hamas Health Ministry.

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