War in the depths of seas and oceans

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Admiral Didier Malatere warns The network of underwater cables vital to ensuring Europe's communications was not built to withstand “hybrid warfare.” Unleashed by Russia and other enemies of the Atlantic alliance.

An example of this is Two gas pipeline accidents in the Baltic region, in the last 18 months. Suspicions of sabotage are high, but investigations have concluded nothing Finland said “everything pointed” to a Chinese ship deliberately damaging a gas pipeline with its anchor in the Baltic.

To Admiral, The Underwater reality became more vulnerable When the private sector started building the current communication infrastructure.

“[as empresas responsáveis] Little did they know that this war would develop so quickly. More than 90% of the Internet is under the sea. As all our communications between the US, Canada and Europe are spread under the sea, there are many implications.

NATO's fears are too great A center is being created to monitor developments on the seabed. The new center will be headquartered in Northwood, in the northwest suburbs of London, United Kingdom.

Modernism does not live here

NATO is recognized by the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the NATO Fleet (MARCOM). It is known that “Russians have created many hybrid warfare under the sea to disrupt the European economy with internet cables, gas pipelines”.

“Our entire underwater economy is under threat.” So, “We are not innocent [países da NATO] We work together.”

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With artificial intelligence software, maritime command (Marcom) can Monitoring suspicious activity at sea, for example, ships disabling automatic identification systems to avoid detection.

Finland joined NATO last year and in March Sweden added vital fleets to defend the Baltic and Arctic. “NATO's ability to detect and deter any territorial aggression”.

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