Benedict XVI’s funeral? “I come and go in one day,” says Marcelo

I amAsked by RTP in Brasilia if his presence at the funeral of Joseph Ratzinger was confirmed, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa replied: “Yes, I’m going on the same day”.

“But in principle I will go to Rome, and other heads of state are already going,” he added.

Reacting to Benedict XVI’s death on Saturday morning, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa said “the pope emeritus wanted a very simple ceremony, not a big state funeral,” but did not rule out his presence.

Initially, German heads of state would be invited because Ratzinger is German and because of the relationship between the Holy See of Italy and the Italian Republic, he said.

“My position is very simple: if the criteria is widened in the sense that other heads of state, meaning some close to us, are traveling to Rome, I will go to Rome, but I will not make any effort. I will see exactly what the results of perseverance are,” he added.

Born in Marktl am Inn, Germany in 1927, Ratzinger was the first German to head the Catholic Church in centuries and a representative of the most dogmatic order.

Benedict XVI resigned from office on 11 February 2013 for health reasons, two months short of celebrating eight years in office.

Marcelo Rebelo de Souza conveyed the Portuguese state’s condolences to Pope Francis on the death of his predecessor, Benedict XVI, who he described as “a philosopher, a theologian, a thinker, an intellectual, a man of doctrine”. “Transition between two periods”.

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