President Zelensky vows revenge for execution of unarmed Ukrainian soldier

Images of the execution of an unarmed, smoldering Ukrainian soldier Timofey Shatura after chanting the words “Glory to Ukraine” shocked Ukraine and President Volodymyr Zelensky vowed to avenge the death of this new hero and symbol of resistance to the Russian invasion.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Dmytro Kuleba watched the execution in a video that has yet to be properly verified by an impartial party, and further evidence that the “genocide” of the Ukrainian people is taking place in the current Russian shadow. Invasion.

President Zelensky addressed the Ukrainians with a demand and made a promise.

“A video has now surfaced showing how the invaders brutally killed a soldier who bravely said ‘Glory to Ukraine’ to his faces. I want us all to respond in unison to his words: ‘Glory to the hero. Glory to the heroes. Glory to Ukraine’. We will find the killers,” the Ukrainian leader promised.

Timofey Shatura could not be contacted near Pakmut on February 3.

The video of the soldier’s execution has been included in a war crimes case being prepared by a Ukrainian prosecutor.

That moment has now been revealed at odds with images of 90 prisoners of war, meanwhile returned to Russia in Ukraine and the Kremlin has already revealed they will return to Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has announced the return of 130 soldiers captured by Russia. More than half were part of the Mariupol resistance.

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