Portuguese ambassador's daughter is victim of fatal run-over in US – World

Matilde Ramos Pinto's father is João Ramos Pinto, former diplomatic representative of Portugal in countries such as Timor or South Africa.

38-year-old Portuguese filmmaker Matilde Ramos Pinto died last Saturday in the North American city of San Francisco in a car crash with her husband and two children, the daughter of Ambassador Joao. Ramos Pinto.

While waiting at a bus stop for transport to the zoo, the family got stuck in a runaway jeep. The Portuguese woman, her Brazilian husband, 40-year-old Diego Cardoso Oliveira, and 18-month-old baby Joaquim died at the scene of the accident last Saturday. Cauã spent four more days fighting for his life in the hospital, but succumbed to his severe injuries. The boy's organs will be donated. “They will help save the lives of other children,” said a statement from the Portuguese embassy in San Francisco.

The tragedy shocked family and friends. oh Chief Minister This Friday he tried to contact Matilde's father, Ambassador João Ramos Pinto, but was unsuccessful. The 74-year-old ambassador has been retired since 2014. In his career, he has achieved many important milestones. In 2004, two years after Timor-Leste's independence, he was appointed ambassador to Dili. In 2010, the Ambassador represented the country in South Africa when Portugal participated in the Football World Cup. During his work in that country, João Ramos Pinto sponsored the Economic Cooperation Protocol. In 2016 he was elected President of the Portuguese Association of Ambassadors.

Arrest soon
Mary Fong Lau, 78, is the name of the driver responsible for the deaths of Matilde Ramos Pinto, her husband Diego Oliveira and their two sons, Joachim and Gao. An elderly woman drove over a family waiting for a bus to go to the zoo to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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Mass in Portugal
oh Chief Minister You know that the Seventh Day Mass will be held this weekend at the church in Lisbon in honor of the families who lost their lives in America.

Matilde Ramos Pinto left Portugal at the age of 18 and moved to London where she entered the world of acting. He moved to the United States, where he lived as a filmmaker between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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